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Kick with Chrome
My role Client/Backend Developer
Date release 15 Jun 2014
Client Google
Agency B-REEL
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Tech html5 · js · websockets · webrtc · webaudio · accelerometer · vibration api

Is not a Chrome Experiment one of those things that every developer want to do it?

I had the chance of doing it and I can say that is exciting as challenging.

During the development the Google’s team was reviewing continuously the source code, ensuring that we were doing secure and high quality code.

Kick with Chrome is all about use your phone to control your game.
Behind the scenes, the technology used is WebSockets and WebRTC.

As a requirement, we used the Google Closure Library, the same Javascript framework that powers Gmail and Google’s Maps.

To serve the games to entire World, we made use of Google’s infrastructure, Google App Engine and Google Compute Engine.

For the frontend, the common standards: HTML5, Javascript and CSS3.
In the backend, we created a cluster of Node.js applications.

Check out the video to get an idea of what I’m talking about:

Kick with Chrome