Skoda · Byggd för att ta skit

Byggd för att ta skit
My role Client/Backend Developer
Date release 23 Sep 2014
Client Skoda
Agency B-REEL
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Tech angularjs · html5 · js · cms · nodejs ·

As a full-stack developer this project was one of those that you would like to do over and over again.

The whole idea behind this production was so surreal as original:
Throw a bunch of shit over a Skoda car.

The amount of shit thrown to it (I think they used mud) was decided on real-time by the website visitors.

To see the entire process we made a frontend application that was displaying the car in video streaming 24/7.

Trough the website we gave the possibility to the users to leave a message. And after a continuous automated process the messages were queued and converted into “amount of shit”.

On the backend I made a “cocktail” of: AngularJS, Websockets, Node.js, and MongoDB.
It was not the typical backend administration but a real-time dashboard.

From this dashboard, managers and moderators could handle hundred of messages and manage the information displayed on the website as well as control the timers and the stages of the project.