Audi · A1 Me gusta

My roleFlash Developer
Date releaseJune 01, 2011
Techactionscript-3 · facebook-api · FIVe3D

What if someone told you that he would like to visualize 850 variants of a car in a shared space?

Better doing it in a web application.

Audi wanted to show that the new "A1" was totally customizable and there was one waiting for you.

With that in mind, we created a web experience that was displaying all the Audi A1 models that a user could buy in a store. Giving the change to share their favorite option in the social media.

Technically speaking, the challenge was to load all that stuff. Because 8 years ago the computers wasn't powerful as today. Instead of loading 850 different car images we composed all the possible combinations with a simple algorithm.

Since WebGL was not available until 2013 the experience was built in Flash and FIVe3D.