Arawys · Store

My roleLead Developer
Date releaseSeptember 21, 2015
Techprestashop · php · html5 · css3 · js · docker

Arawys was the perfect excuse to explore the world of e-commerce. After testing several options I decided to give a try to PrestaShop.

I end up selecting it for many reasons:

  • It is open source and it has a big community behind, which means good support in case of troubles.
  • It is written in PHP and it is easy to setup. Also, it runs well on Docker.
  • I choose it also because it is possible to change it entirely based on your needs.
  • And because the client had a tight budget and PrestaShop is free to use.

It was one of those project that I was in charge of everything: frontend, backend, sysadmin, and also making changes to the design.

"Arawys is a new way of selling clothes for the woman in Perú. It combines the latest tendencies from Europe with the fresh and energy from South America".