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My roleTech Lead Developer
Date releaseJune 10, 2014
ClientKit Appétit

Kit Appétit is not about technology. In fact, is the most simple website I have ever built. Is about the process of crafting it and the need for adaptation to the surrounding environment.

My wife had the great idea of create beautiful kits to sell as a present. Not a simple box, the opposite. Each kit is be special.

Since we had just a few dollars to build it, everything was made by us, with the help from friends and family.

During its lifetime it has adapted to all kind of changes:

  • At the beginning we made the website with Ruby on Rails, and Spree, an open source e-commerce.
  • After a while, since the payment solution was too complicated to mantain we created a custom theme on Big Cartel, bad idea.
  • We did't sold as much as we would so we changed our website to a Ruby/Sinatra app on a free OpenShift gear.
  • A bit more of a year ago I migrated the site to build on GitLab CI and deploying it on GitLab Pages.
  • Now, for the sake of simplicity we build and deploy it on Netlify, yay!

Nowadays Kit Appétit is almost inactive since we do not have time to invest on it, but it will still evolving as much as the environment changes in order to keep it alive.