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Date releaseJuly 15, 2017
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Teches6 · javascript · typescript · PixiJS

Barcelona Subway Simulation.

This is a personal experiment. I am quiet a fan of transportation systems. I used to play a lot to OpenTTD, an open source version of Transport Tycoon.

I was always fascinated by the (almost) perfect synchronization that the system should have.

A few statements about this simulation:

  1. There is no API connected to the app.

    I was considering the idea to use an API to get the data but

    the problem is that if you use it this simulation becomes a visualization.

  2. It includes a simple AI:

    • Trains unload and loads cargo on each station
    • Trains decide when to wait or enter to a waypoint/station by status (free/occupied)
    • Trains have a predefined itinerary and routes that have to follow
    • Stations get cargo (passengers) continuously to be delivered to other stations
    • Trains have different capacity (1, 2, 3 or more wagons)
    • Trains max speed is affected by the cargo and the size of the train
    • Trains could have failures that can generate big congestion

There is a lot more that can be added. I'm planning to add more and more features in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!